As an editor I work closely on copy written by others, focusing on structure, sense, consistency and clarity. I'm also the voice of the objective outsider.

As a meticulous sub I look at consistency and style guide creation. And I get military about ragged line endings,* widows,* stacking,* and every other tiny detail you can imagine – and those you can’t. 

As a proofreader I read your copy for typos and grammatical errors only, without advising on structure or style. 

Need a hand dotting the Is and crossing the Ts? Contact me.

*Don't know what these are? No problem, that's my job.

Kate was a linchpin of our project from concept to publication and on through the marketing
period. The resulting products reflect her relentless dedication and refusal to cut corners.

Charles Spreckley, Founder and Editorial Director, People Make Places