Brand Consultancy



I look at the relationships you want to begin, thinking about who you want to speak to, as well as what you want to say.  

I create impactful messages, from overarching straplines, to all encompassing brand statements, to social media hashtags. 

I also support brands with considered, detailed brand books, including the tight tone of voice and style guidelines that are essential for consistent communication, wherever your customers experience you. 

In all of this, I never lose sight of the customer you’re talking to. Because they’re thinking, feeling people whose needs and wants are real. 

Want your words to speak to the right people? Contact me.

Kate listens, absorbs and writes what is in your mind, but is so hard to translate into words for
others to understand. Professional, smart, genuine and damn good at what she does.

Ellen Brookes, Owner and Creative Director, SIDELINE